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PHI nano TOF II TOF-SIMS presentation

PHI’s patented TRIFT mass spectrometer provides superior sensitivity, low spectral background, and the unique ability to image highly topographic surfaces. The nanoTOF II can be configured with a wide variety of options to optimize performance for organic materials, inorganic materials, or both, depending on customer requirements.

Standard Features

  • TRIFT mass analyzer
  • 30 kV LMIG with Bi, Au, or Ga emitter
  • Dual beam charge neutralization
  • 5 axis sample stage
  • In-situ optical viewing
  • Secondary electron detector
  • WinCadence instrument control and data reduction software package
  • Analysis chamber with four primary ion gun ports
  • 350 l/s turbo molecular pump
  • Integrated bakeout facilities

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