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A New Method and Mass Spectrometer Design for TOF-SIMS Parallel Imaging MS/MS

We would like to share a recent article "A New Method and Mass Spectrometer Design for TOF-SIMS Parallel Imaging MS/MS" from international journal „Analytical Chemistry“.

ABSTRACT: We report a method for the unambiguous identification of molecules in biological and materials specimens at high practical lateral resolution using a new TOF-SIMS parallel imaging MS/MS spectrometer. The tandem mass spectrometry imaging reported here is based on the precise monoisotopic selection of precursor ions from a TOF-SIMS secondary ion stream followed by the parallel and synchronous collection of the product ion data. Thus, our new method enables simultaneous surface screening of a complex matrix chemistry with TOF-SIMS (MS1) imaging and targeted identification of matrix components with MS/MS (MS2) imaging. This approach takes optimal advantage of all ions produced from a multicomponent sample, compared to classical tandem mass spectrometric methods that discard all ions with the exception of specific ions of interest. We have applied this approach for molecular surface analysis and molecular identification on the nanometer scale. High abundance sensitivity is achieved at low primary ion dose density; therefore, one-of-a-kind samples may be relentlessly probed before ion-beam-induced molecular damage is observed.


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