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MB-ECOMode – the most efficient way to save

MBraun glove boxes go green in 2014. Company officially announces the all new ECO Mode options is available on all MBraun glove box systems for 2014. ECO Mode has been designed to use less energy and operate more efficiently, saving labs valuable time and money. MBraun has over thirty five years experience in inert gas glove box technology and is the global leader in providing complete system solutions for clean environments.

MBraun ECO Mode allows using glove box systems in economy mode. The function starts to work when you turn off the system. Older models of glove box system did not have this feature, that’s why not used system consumed the same amount of energy as the operating glove box system. ECO Mode also solved the problem of noise, glove box system with this new function on works very quietly why it’s much better to work in the same area where glove box system is.

ECO Mode include:
Designed to reduce noise emission and reduce overall power consumption up to 90%.
Available as an optional feature for all MBraun glove box models.
MBraun is the only glovebox manufacturer offering this energy savings option.

More about glove box systems with ECO Mode:

  • MB-10 G
  • MB-20 G
  • MB-200 G
  • Labstar
  • Unilab: UNIlab Plus Glove Box Workstation and UNIlab Pro Glove Box Workstation
  • Labmaster

at MBraun website - here

For more information:
837 280702

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